BNB Blitz 7 | Powerlifting Competition in Brisbane

Brisbane’s premier powerlifting competition! This event is a hub for athletes ranging from seasoned lifters to those stepping onto the platform for the first time. With both sanctioned competitions and novice competitions on the agenda, BNB Blitz 7 is the perfect opportunity for participants to test their strengths, improve their skills, and compete among the best. Whether you’re looking to set new records or just experience the thrill of the sport, BNB Blitz 7 in Brisbane is where you want to be.

BNB Blitz

Brought to you by Brisbane North Barbell, is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of strength and determination. This premier event features four key lifts: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Push Pull, catering to a diverse range of athletes. Participants from various powerlifting federations will gather to showcase their prowess.

With multiple weight classes available, every competitor has a fair shot at glory. The spotlight on squat and bench press allows athletes to demonstrate their power in these fundamental lifts.

Making It Happen

On April 20th, 2024, BNB Blitz 7 welcomed newcomers to its not their first competition but its not its seventh competition. With weigh-in from 8-9 AM and lifting from 9:30 AM to about 2 PM, athletes competed across various weight classes. Claudia and I were there, feeling the event’s energy while the audience watched happily from over 90 seats. Our services and the competition’s hype were over the top.

What Went Down

At a Powerlifting Australia event, two groups of athletes showcased their strength and skill, highlighting the incredible diversity across different weight class in powerlifting.

Starting the event, Group A featured 15 competitors on the platform, with a remarkable 14 of them representing Team BNB. Among these strong competitors, BNB’s youngest lifter, 7-year-old Scarlett, made her debut in a 3-lift powerlifting contest. It was an inspiring moment for everyone watching as she bravely took on her first competition.

Following Scarlett and Group A, Group B took the stage with 12 lifters. This included 8 international competitors from Nauru, adding an exciting international flavor to the event. The crowd was thrilled as we witnessed extraordinary lifts, including squats exceeding 350 kg and bench presses over 200 kg. It was a testament to the high level of competition and skill within the Powerlifting Australia community.

Both groups showed exceptional talent and determination, making this event a memorable one for athletes and spectators alike.

Our Experience on The Events

What we can tell you is that it wasn’t just a competition; it felt more like a big family gathering. Everyone was looking out for each other at the event. We even got to capture the second and third attempts of those new to the novice powerlifting competitions. And truly, these events couldn’t happen without the help of over 30 volunteers from the BNB crew who generously gave their time and effort.

A group of 27 lifters competed, with Team BNB coaching 15 of them. Participants ranged from 7 to over 70 years old, lifting weights from as light as 10 kg to as heavy as 360 kg. Special congrats to Scarlett and Dyke for earning the title of best lifters, and to Team Nauru for winning the best team trophy. It was thrilling to see everyone’s first attempt and the support they received.

Kudos to Dave Napper, owner/operator of Brisbane North Barbell, where wrist wraps and knee sleeves are as essential as determination!

Check Your Shots

We’re thrilled to be chosen by BNB Blitz 7 at Brisbane North Barbell to take amazing photos of the lifters competing in the powerlifting meet, not just regular ones. Check out and purchase these awesome shots through this link!

Summing Up Our Experience

BNB Blitz 7 in Brisbane wasn’t just any competition; it was a big display of power and togetherness. It invited lifters of all types, from those new to the sport to those who have competed a lot. This event was a place where lifters compete to reach new highs and even set records, aiming for achievements like the national championship. It showed the strength of the community, welcoming everyone to show their best.

The event was for everyone, with different weight levels and people from all over, including young Scarlett and lifters from other countries. It showed how the event lets everyone take part. Each person got three attempts to lift, making sure their knees locked each time, especially on the third and last try, showing that it was a fair and open event for all.

If you’re involved in events like powerlifting and are keen for us to document your journey from the first lift to the third attempt, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s discuss how we can make your competitions as memorable as possible.

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