The Ultimate Powerlifting Competition and Strongman Competitions

Imagine a place where the strongest men and women come together to lift, pull, and push weights that seem almost impossible. This is a battleground not just of muscle, but of willpower, where every competitor pushes their limits to show their true power. If you love watching superheroes in movies, you’ll be amazed by these real-life titans. Get ready to be inspired by their incredible feats and unwavering spirit.

Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition, Powerlifting, and Strongman

Brisbane North Barbell is a super cool gym where folks go to become stronger, fitter, and healthier in every way. It’s a place where strength, exercise routines, and eating right come together in one awesome package. Whether you’re into Powerlifting, where you compete in different weight classes to lift the heaviest weights you can, or Strongman, which tests your overall might with fun and challenging feats, this is the spot for you.


On April 8, 2024, the exciting BNB Brisbane Strongman event took place, showcasing the incredible strength and determination of athletes from all around. It was a gathering that had everyone’s eyes fixed on the impressive feats of power. Organized under the broader umbrella of Powerlifting Australia, the competition was neatly categorized by weight class, ensuring fair and intense matchups.

Athletes pushed their limits, lifting weights that seemed unimaginable, all while the crowd cheered on. It was not just about brute strength; it was a celebration of human willpower and the spirit of competition. Whether you were a participant or a spectator, the BNB Brisbane Strongman event was truly a sight to behold.

Our Experience

Our lenses focused on the minute details that often go unnoticed but are the essence of powerlifting-knees locked signifying the completion of a lift, the strategic wrapping of wrists to support the lifter’s endeavor to conquer their personal best, and the careful placement of knee sleeves, serving both as protection and a testament to the countless hours of preparation.

The third attempt is where hearts raced, both for the athletes and us, as we captured the climax of their day. This was when participants either solidified their legacy or learned where they needed to grow. The tension in the air was palpable, with supporters and fellow competitors watching with bated breath.

Capturing the athletes’ determination, with their feet flat against the ground, leveraging every ounce of their training, was inspirational. The focus was not just on the physical strain but also on the mental fortitude required to maintain composure, align the hip joint perfectly, and execute with precision.

Every click of the shutter went beyond merely capturing the visible exertions. It narrated tales of determination, resistance, and an unwavering chase for excellence. The BNB Brisbane Strongman event was more than just a showcase of physical might. With wrist wraps at arm’s length, it was a testament to the indomitable human spirit, recorded through our lenses. The images seized are sure to rouse inspiration in anyone who views them.

Main Thing We Observe

This competition is more than just a contest in which lifters compete – it’s a tight-knit community where everyone knows one another. Brace yourself for the next match. It’s not merely about rivalry, but about the shared emotional journey of a family competing against each other.

Here Are Some Photos We Captured

We couldn’t resist sharing our journey without showcasing these incredible shots, from the beginning to your final position. These photos, captured by us, feature everyone, whether it was your second attempt or your own set. Take a moment to see if your snapshots are among them.

Contact us to schedule a session and immortalize your competition memories for life. Whether it’s strongman, powerlifting, or any other contest, we are prepared to ensure you have absolute confidence in your winning sets. With arms length away, bench press, through three attempts and three lifts, under different rules, we’re here to capture it all.

What We Discovered Together

Wow, can we just talk about the incredible journey the Ultimate Powerlifting and Strongman Competitions have taken us on? We’ve seen athletes and lifters perform feats of strength and endurance that blow the mind! It’s been a powerful reminder of the amazing things we’re all capable of achieving.

These competitions aren’t just about who can lift the heaviest weight; they’re festivals of determination, of putting in the work, guided by referees who ensure fairness in every match. Watching every powerlifter strive for that final, victorious lift has been heart-pounding. Each cheer from the crowd and every challenge overcome speaks volumes about pushing past what we thought were our limits.