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Photography Video Production in Brisbane

Our Services

Premier Photography

We offer a wide range of photography options to suit your needs, including weddings, portraits, events, products, and real estate photography.

Video Production Solutions

We are passionate about creating compelling and engaging videos that captivate audiences. From promotional videos to brand We will bring your vision to life.

Branding, and graphic design services in Brisbane

Branding & Graphic Design

Discover the power of creative graphic design from logos and business cards to brochures and website design, we deliver tailored solutions that make your brand shine.

Why Choose Us


We love what we do

With our photography services, we expertly capture the essence of your brand through stunning visuals.
From product photography to corporate headshots, our skilled photographers have an eye for detail and a knack for capturing the perfect shot.
We also specialize in lifestyle photography, creating images that tell a compelling story and resonate with your target audience.


We Collaborate with You

When it comes to video production, we excel in creating engaging and inspiring content. Whether you need a promotional video, a brand documentary, or social media content, our videographers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to deliver high-quality videos that leave a lasting impression.


We want your Success

We understand the significance of branding and graphic design in establishing a strong and cohesive
visual identity.
Our creative designers work closely with you to develop branding materials that reflect your unique style and values. From logo design to business cards, brochures, and website graphics, we ensure consistency across all your brand collateral.

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Little Crumb House
Little Crumb House
I found C4Creativity on AirTasker to create a business logo for me. Had to scroll through many bots/fake profiles on AirTasker before I found Claudia's response. Although I didn't need to meet in person, I was happy that I actually found someone local. I had zero idea of what I wanted for a logo. All I knew is I wanted someone that designed it and didn't use Canva templates. Claudia did exactly that. Gave me so many different initial designs and I narrowed it down each time until I picked the perfect one. Claudia was so quick to get designs through to me and was more than happy to change things up based on my feedback each time. Very easy to deal with. Highly recommend. Will definitely use them in future if I need more designs done.
Gala Alfaro Miguel
Gala Alfaro Miguel
So great to work with Claudia and Fabrizio! I was in need of a photographer for an event and they were available last-minute. They got the brief perfectly, captured so many photos which was all inclusive in the price (which not many photographers do). They even did videography for us both at a really great price! They were both wonderful to work with, highly recommend!
Dennis Han
Dennis Han
Claudia was very helpful in capturing the photos requested.
Ben Godson
Ben Godson
What an incredible service. Hassle free, great communication and a truly professional outcome. Highly recommended.
Julie Morgan
Julie Morgan
We had the C 4 Creativity team recently capture photos at our event. Souths Gaelic Football club's 40th Anniversary Ball. The photos were superb and the team were really great to communicate with and so much fun, they made everyone feel so relaxed on the night.
Theatreroo Bookings
Theatreroo Bookings
Claudia is a one-off brilliant marketing expert. She has developed and enhanced the IT presentations for Theatreroo and we are extremely lucky to have encountered her. Highly recommended!!!!.
Alicja Griffiths
Alicja Griffiths
If you are looking for a very talented, professional and really easy to work with graphic designer and photographer duo, look no further! Not only are they both very talented, but they also have a great work ethic. They are very fast to deliver top quality results. While Fabrizio took my pictures for my upcoming book cover, Claudia was responsible for cover design as well as chapters pages. They both exceeded expectations, I will definitely work with them again in the future.
I recently worked with c4creativity to create pictures, videos, and content for my business. Fabrizio and Claudia were amazing to work with! They were very professional and provided excellent service. They listened to my needs and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality content-creation services
Gold Coast Reggae
Gold Coast Reggae
Working with C4Creativity was very easy, they showed up on time, kept within production timeframes and budgets, and communicated with us throughout the whole process, we love working with them. In terms of production quality, Fabrizio and Claudia, the artistic geniuses of C4Creativity, leave no room for compromise. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, their music videos exude a level of professionalism that is second to none. From striking cinematography to stunning visual effects, every frame is crafted with utmost precision, elevating the music video experience to the realm of cinematic excellence. One of the most remarkable aspects of C4Creativity's work is their ability to grasp the vision and identity of the artists they collaborate with. They skillfully weave the artist's personality and creative direction into the fabric of the music video, enhancing the overall impact and ensuring a seamless connection between the song and the visuals. It's a testament to their dedication to serving as the conduit between our musical vision and the audience's experience. All we can say is that C4Creativity is a music video making company that deserves all the praises and accolades it receives. Their unparalleled workmanship, commitment to quality production, and innovative storytelling have elevated our music videos to extraordinary heights. Through their visionary approach and dedication to collaboration, C4Creativity continues to redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling, leaving a profound impact on both artists and audiences alike. As they continue to push the boundaries of creativity, we eagerly anticipate the next music video they make for us as we walk this remarkable journey of artistic excellence with them.